Sunday, June 03, 2007

Cycling away...

One of the things I'm planning to do is cycle long-distance. My icon for this is Kiruba, who cycles 26km a day to and from his office in Madras. I'm nowhere in his league - at about 3km a day now.

He also participated in this mad enterprise - cycling from Bangalore to Madras over a weekend - 353.49km! Two days of intense, gruelling, pain-filled exhilaration! These Romans^WGuys are crazy! *Miming Asterix going tap, tap, tap*

So in my feeble attempt to start off, I decided to pedal the 19km to my cousin's place today. Started off at 06:03, reached their house at 07:23. Had a 'yelaneer' break in the middle - that's tender coconut water for you non-Tam folks. I have a non-geared Hercules Thriller, and the Bangalore roads with their ups and downs are not kind. The lack of any really long roads also takes a toll - stopping and starting is a pain if you have to do it every few hundred meters. And braking immediately after a downhill slope because there's a traffic signal or an intersection is heart-breaking :-(.

Now I've got to cycle back. Not decided if I should go early tomorrow morning (Monday), or leave in an hour. Traffic and heat versus being able to sleep in my own bed. Probably go in the morning. That'll also let me be on the Net tonight.

I guess people should try to have some kind of physical goal - to put their bodies through its limits occasionally. That helps me take my mind off work, and makes me so tired at the end of the day - all I can do is sleep. Otherwise my idle mind is the Devil's workshop!

One medium-term goal is to go for a week's trek in the Himalayas. This'll probably happen reasonably soon, given that two sets of my friends are planning for this in the near future. One guy has almost finalized a mid-August trek in Leh. I've been trying to plan for something with the other set, but nothing seems to be materializing :-/.

Another medium-term goal is to backpack/hitchhike through south Tamil Nadu and perhaps Kerala for a couple of weeks. Having been in Madras for nearly all my life, I want to walk through villages and rural areas and see things for myself. Don't know if I'll get company on this - most of my friends seem to be getting married off in great haste :o)

Don't know whether I'll be fit enough for these things, so have to make sure I get some regular physical exercise to build up stamina. And that for now is only cycling. I think I should plan for some regular cycling every day - a few tens of kilometers should do the trick. Let's see if I can do that and keep it up. Perhaps cycle till MGRoad and back, or down Bannerghatta road for 10 or so kilometers.

Get a physical goal!


Goli said...

I was also toying with the idea that once I start going to xilinx, I will chuck my Bajaj Pulsar for cycle... wonder if it is going to work out... Lemme see... :D

It is like doc telling vivek..."you are getting exhausted by not tired"..I guess same case with most of us.. :D

GeekBeyondRedemption said...

Great! Join the club! Reduce pollution and increase exercise!

From experience: Make very very very sure that you buy a sports-cycle with gears. DO NOT save Rs. 1000 by buying a non-geared cycle. You will regret it later. Bangalore has far too many ups and downs - unlike Chennai.

Although at Xilinx you may need to go meet people, etc. In which case cycling may not be a flexible enough choice.


awesome...i wish i had the time or the enthu to do smthng like that here...and not to speak about company. i know more than pout of 8 people i will ask for a trip to nearby puri for a day will say no and all 8 ifit happens to be more than 8 anycase have a great time and do the things you watn to do.not everyone has the chance...and not everyone who has the chance decides to do

GeekBeyondRedemption said...

Let's see - the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.

And so far my plans are only fairy-tales.