Sunday, June 18, 2006

An inspiring song!

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Translation follows. Note that I'm no poet! So it ain't gonna rhyme.

Scolding me,
scolding me,
scolding me,
scolding me,
why are they
scolding me?
scolding me?
scolding me?
scolding me?
If I take a puff they're scolding me,
if I take a drink they're scolding me.
If I look at a babe they're scolding me,
if I tell her she's cute they're scolding me.
If I rag someone they're scolding me,
if I go 'night-walking' they're scolding me.
Daddy and mummy are scolding me,
in Dolby(tm) sound they're scolding me.

(scolding me)

Englishman has left the country,
so they say while raising the flag.
If I fail in English they scold me from left to right!
Financier steals money, they leave it quietly,
If I keep a tab at the tea-shop they scold me violently!
They come to love me as if I'm Bill Gates' family,
once my pocket money is over, 'Waste', they scold me!
When the oldies take a puff, tension, they blame it,
if the youngsters take a puff, 'you'll never improve', they say it.
In bachelor life all mistakes, they make,
become parents, say 'your future' and scold me scold me mate.

(scolding me)

If I say Aunty is super, 'stupid' they scold,
If I follow the scooty, 'naughty' they scold.
If I put a route for a figure, all of them scold.
If I travel on the footboard, top to bottom, they scold,
if I whistle in the theater, 'torturer' they scold,
if I put my feet on the seat, secretly they scold.
Too mature for youth, all those who see, they scold,
Friends are not ok, mom and dad they scold.
Let them scold, let them know and scold,
let them understand teenage feelings and scold,
let them scold and go.


Aah. Wanted to do that for quite a while :-) Not that I'm saying I was scolded for any of these things or anything. Just that I understand the feeling of oppression, don't know for how much longer I'll understand the feeling though ;-)...

fReaK ouT!!!