Saturday, September 08, 2007


What you may ask, is the Wii? Simply put, a revolution in gaming.

Revolutions are over-rated. I agree with you. Except this once.


Because today, for the first time ever, my *MOTHER* tried to play tennis and bowling on a video game console, with my sister's friend. My Mom is just on the right side of 60. My sister's friend on the wrong side of 20.

My mother has never played a video/computer/arcade/whatever game. Never even attempted to or been interested in sports actually. She's probably never even played anything for more than thirty years.

But today, when I played tennis and bowling and she was watching, she could hardly resist giving it a shot. And she couldn't stop! My dad was also interested and started playing different sports on his own.

Me? I played for more than three hours. At the end of which my back hurt :-). I realised I'm in crappy shape physically - sitting on your ass in front of a computer for 12 hours a day seems to do that.

You want some advice? Go play a Wii wherever you can get your hands on one. Play Wii sports. Check out the fitness regime, find your "Age". See if it shocks you out of torpidity. It did that to me.

Buy a Wii. The only thing you will regret is your muscles aching the first few days.

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Nithya Rajaram said...

How much does it tempted.