Sunday, July 30, 2006

The effect of science

I tend to wonder at how people selectively block things out of memory and thought. While blissfully enjoying the everyday benefits of science and technology they easily forget the same when it comes to rationally analysing their motives, religion, nationalism, spiritualism or superstition.

A person who uses a cell-phone without being astounded by how it works, professes amazement that some cheat produces vibhuti from nothing. A person who lives in a 14-storied apartment prays to another cheat for health and wealth. A person who takes carefully metered shots of Insulin to stay alive stops thinking while offering bribes to his god to cure him. A person who earns his very living through thinking has no thought-process when he says I go to pray at this temple because the deity there is very powerful.

What kind of profound influence is this that leaves otherwise perfectly normal (if there's any such thing) people so deeply irrational and blind to the reality around them? What is this set of blinkers that can be so selective in allowing the person to think only when the object is not related to their core set of unshakeable beliefs?

It's a weird world we live in. Where the fact of reality takes a back-seat to the fantasies of the mind.

And if you haven't read V.S.Ramachandran's Phantoms in the Brain, go, get yourself a copy, and finish reading it. He talks about some very interesting properties of the brain and provides some extremely interesting although simple experiments.

fReaK ouT!

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