Sunday, April 30, 2006

Vote for Lok Paritran!

As opposed to my previous blog on Pudhiyadhor, this one's going to be short and sweet.

Why should you vote for Lok Paritran?
  1. Lok Paritran needs to get a certain percentage of the overall tally in order to be able to secure recognition as a regional or national party. This provides certain benefits such as allotment of symbol etc.
  2. We need to show the devils (a.k.a. current politicians) that if we are provided with a genuine alternative, we will take the trash out.
So if you're eligible to vote in Madras, in one of the seven constituencies that Lok Paritran candidates are contesting in, take off that day, or do whatever else it takes - make your vote count! Stand up for our rights as citizens of this country!

fReaK ouT!

P.S. The Lok Paritran symbol for constituencies other than Anna Nagar.

P.P.S. In TN, Lok Paritran has fielded contestents at Mylapore, Chepauk, Thousand Lights, Theagaraya Nagar, Anna Nagar, Villivakkam (Thiruvallur) and Mudukulathur (Ramanathapuram).

P.P.P.S. I have no connection with Lok Paritran.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Geeko,

Good post here and the last one too. Have been an anonymuous reader all this while and thot i will drop a line in this time arnd. Will definetely help with more pudhiyadhors as much as possible. Dont know what/how much i can do from here though.

as for the political alterntative to the kalaignar and the amma, these guys sure will help. I hope more youngsters can join hands with them and sweep india clean. Also i heard that this time there is a "dont want to vote for any of the other" alternative in the ballot. This sure will be interesting. But as usual with the bogus votes, the regulars will triumph. But this definitely is a start