Monday, September 25, 2006


So after posting about how he doesn't like his blog persona becoming public, the Nonbass Chief Devil has posted 8 things about himself which seem, at first glance, to be highly personal. Is this an attempt at irony? I wonder.

Apparently this tag is meant to make you post 8 things about yourself. This is of course intriguingly vague. Why 8 things? Why not a nice round 10? Was the originator a fan of binary? And things about me? Like what? I guess things that other people may atleast be able to pretend to be interested in, otherwise people would have even less interest in reading this blog than they already do. Which is not losing much of course, since the readership of this blog seems to be around three people, optimistically.

Enough of the gas, forward to the fertilizer --->
1. My mom's a Tamil prof., and I can barely read Tamil, let alone write it, to her eternal shame. This was brought about by a combination of studying in Canada for a year and completely forgetting Tamil, and some really bad Tamil teachers who put me off the subject at a tender age.
2. We had 4 kittens in our flat when I was in the 10th. My mom is quite convinced (probably accurately) that they were responsible for me standing 4th in my batch. From the bottom. I got 98 in Tamil though. Out of 200. The only good that resulted was that there was no objection to me switching to French.
3. I used to play in my flat from 3:30pm to 6pm with one set of kids, and from 5:30pm to 8pm with another. I was therefore expected to flunk badly by the majority of the Mothers' association. Somehow scraped a seat in AU after 12th and had the last laugh.
4. I was and still am an introverted geek. I can hold my end of a good conversation, but starting one is way beyond my means.
5. I was part of a group which set off to KudreMukh on Oct 2nd, 2004. We ended up in a bad accident with a yellow lorry at a place called Chennarayapatna a few kilometers from Hassan. Two of my colleagues died on the spot. One was in a coma for a few months. A few others had fractures and assorted bruises. I escaped with a small scratch on my forehead. I will never travel on the highway by private vehicle at night again.
6. I read more than almost anyone else I know. Hard SF is my poison. I am an information addict - if I'm not reading, I'm browsing the 'Net.
7. I'm a confirmed Atheist, and I've grown out of baiting others. Usually. Ok I didn't really. I just stopped baiting others because their arguments got repetitive and boring.
8. I argue a lot. I usually prefer a good argument to conversation. I thought "The Argumentative Indian" was a biography of me by Amartya Sen. No I'm not usually this big-headed. Pig-headed I am usually. As the quote goes "Arguing with an Engineer and wrestling with a pig in mud are similar. After a while you realise the pig is enjoying it".

That was not too bad I suppose. And my targets are, Goli, Chander, Madhan (whose blog is dead I think), Lokesh, Arka, and Kapil.


Rael said...

I too wondered why it was 8 things. I remember last year I got a tag where I had to say 7 things. If I get a tag next year asking for 9 things, I'll start believing some blogger somewhere is hatching a master plan.

I'm fully convinced my privacy is dead. Why bother trying to revive it? Might as well let the whole world know everything about me. I stopped short of revealing all the unlawful acts I've committed.

Nice post.

Anonymous said...

Ah!! Good ol' Saravana. Man that post brought back forsaken memories. Breaking a glass window and running from the crime scene :-)

BTW,if i remember correctly (and i usually do), u got a 100/200 in ur X tamil exam. I remember cos when my dad asked u, u said "I got a centum" :-)

Man those were the times


GeekBeyondRedemption said...

Lol :-).

I must have said, "Almost got a centum." Didn't make even hundred :-)..

One_For_The_Road said...

I have lost my privacy. :-) It feels like losing virginity. Do not know how it feels like losing virginity though . :-) By the way why the name Tagdeath? I am changing it to Tagbirth. Okie. Any way of putting smileys in blog. Will search. Now the herculean task to think, yes man think, 8 things about myself. :-)

GeekBeyondRedemption said...

Great! Tagdeath because one gets tagged to death :-)

Chander Dogra said...

yaar I really liked your quote ...I would love to argue with ...unless there is a quote for engineers arguing among themselves :) ...