Thursday, February 23, 2006

Today's lesson: Startups

What in the name of Ba'al Zebûb do I know about startups? Well I figure that most of what I know can be filled up in a few links. Ok, maybe not so few. Ok, maybe not just a few links. But let me give it a shot anyway, huh? And in any case, "The little I know about startups, but really, really want to tell you anyway," doesn't sound quite so crisp.

As you probably know by now, I'm an Apple fan. Nope, not the fruit, the computer. One of the guys who worked at Apple, both during the initial days under Steve Jobs, and again for a few years after Jobs rejoined the company was Guy Kawasaki. His title the second time around was Chief Evangelist. What was his job? He had to go around and get people interested in buying Apple stuff. Cool job! I'd take it myself, given the chance... Actually, I'll take Chief Evangelist at Elina :-)...

Anyway, Guy's blog is a must read. He exhibits some serious clarity of thought, and you realise that the Mac just didn't happen, there were a bunch of guys with the vision who made it happen. He's now a serial entrepreneur and runs his own Venture Capital fund.

And I found an article at /. quite timely, it has a great many ideas on what and what not to do. Of course as in all things 90% is bullshit, and the other 10%, well that's a bit generous for /., let's say about 2% of it makes sense. Reading with a threshold of more than 3, and threaded with posts ordered by moderation helps.

That's all for today folks! What you were expecting more? You think I get paid for this? Maybe when I finish with my first startup :-D, I'll know a little more.

But I'll tell you what definitely works! Nepotism! Know the people you need to work with, believe in what you're doing, and be able to sell to them.

As I read somewhere on /., the correct order of things to do for a startup,
  1. Sell the product,
  2. Get enough money to make the product (VC/other),
  3. Hire the people to make the product,
  4. Make the product,
  5. Make money.
We're not quite following the same business plan, we don't have customers yet :-). But the idea is intriguing.

And a sneak preview at tomorrows blog - incredibly breath-taking schmooplots, awe-inspiring die photos!! And an incredibly large number of transistors!!!

Au revoir!

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